Regripping involves the removal of worn or damaged grips, grip tape, and tape residue. After the shaft ends are thoroughly cleaned, a new layer of double-sided grip tape is applied. Finally, the new grips are installed using a high quality, non toxic, grip solvent.

$2.00 per grip installed for the first 5 installs
$1.00 for each additional grip installed
Extra charges may apply for grips over 16" long (e.g. belly putters).

Please note: Installation cost does not include the new grips to be installed. Grips must either be purchased, special ordered, or you may supply your own.

Extra Wrap

Add extra layers of tape to increase the size of your grips. For reference, 3 layers is roughly the difference between a standard and midsize grip.

50¢ per club (up to 3 extra layers of tape)
Extra charges may apply for grips over 16" long (e.g. belly putters).

Grip Removal

Unlike old worn grips, some new grips can be removed intact to be reinstalled later, for reasons such as shaft trimming or reinstallation on another club altogether. Prime candidates for this process are oversized putter grips.

$3.00 per grip removed

Please note: Not all golf grips can be removed in this manner and still keep their integrity. Cord grips tend to break, and thin rubber grips may lose elasticity and will require a build up of several layers of tape to compensate. This will result in a difference in overall grip size.

Shaft Trimming

Butt-trim your club shafts to fit your desired length. For graphite or Steel shafts.

$5.00 for the first shaft
$2.50 for each additional shaft

Shaft Installation, Pulling, and Repairs

I can attatch steel or graphite shafts to clubheads using high quality, slow-setting golf epoxy (24-hour set time). Epoxy has a bond strength of 3,200+psi offering excellent vibration and impact resistance.

Using a low heat source, I can break down golf epoxy to extract steel or graphite shafts from clubheads, without damaging either component. I can also remove broken shafts, or if you have any old clubs where the head has become separated from the shaft. I can safely remove old epoxy from the shaft and hosel, before reattaching the head.

$10.00 per shaft installed
$10.00 for first shaft pull, $5.00 per each additional shaft pulled
$2.50 for removal of old epoxy (per 1 hosel AND 1 shaft tip)

Please note: Installation and pulling serviceses are for standard shafts only. I am not installing or safely pulling bore-through shafts at this time. However, I will remove broken bore-through shafts and remove epoxy from the head.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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